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Inbound Marketing

Keywords with Friends - Finding Your Ideal Buyer Personas

Many of us hear the term ‘keywords’ and immediately associate it with a technique used to help your website rank up high in the search engines.

...And you’re correct.

But, you need to be familiar with just how many other roles keywords can play in your inbound marketing strategy and (more importantly) how they really play a huge role in your financial success!

Ok, so now I have your attention, yes keywords do play a huge part in getting you found proactively online and driving huge amounts of traffic to your website when done right, but you have to stop and ask yourself WHAT’ type of people are your keywords attracting to your website?

Meaning, are your keywords getting you found by prospects that will actually buy from you when they reach our website...

Example: If you rank high for the key term “health insurance” that’s great (and probably very expensive), you’ll be attracting thousands of visitors, BUT the buying conversion quality of these visitors will be very vague and not targeted.

Chances are the traffic will be simply researching the topic for a school paper or just looking around out of curiosity, and isn’t relevant to any topic specifically.

Now, if we ranked high for “health insurance for small business” then the searcher is going to be more targeted and chances are they are closer to making a buying decision...Even better “buy health insurance for small business in New York”. Are you starting to see the pattern now...

In brief, the terms are getting more and more targeted. Yes you may get less search volume, but your search quality and conversation quality will increase...plus you will be investing less in SEO services for ‘long tail’ keyword terms. So it’s a win, win!

Also think in terms of ‘buying keywords’, do you think if someone searches with the terms: buy, review, order or where to find, that they may be right on the edge of purchasing and ready to buy....exactly, YES!

To help you dial in on who your ideal buyer is, you have to take a step back and really understand who your ideal prospect really is, and take a look at their buying persona?

So ask yourself these questions as if in your clients shoes...

Who am I? What am I like?


  • What position do I hold in my company?
  • What industry am I in?
  • How much money do I make?
  • What is my educational background?
  • What’s my favorite food?

Take a moment to jot down a few bullet points about who your ideal buyer really is.

Next we need to consider as your prospect: What am I looking for?


  • What would I type into google to find this service?
  • What am I really looking for?
  • Is this an emergency?
  • Can I get this online?

Finally: What problems do I have that your company solves?


  • Is this an emergency?
  • I need a new dress for tonight!
  • Can I get this solved locally and/or nationwide?

You see, just by taking the time to sit down and work on a few of these you may find a whole new area you weren’t even been targeting for your real buying customers.

Other ways to help you research this may be:

  • Ask your sales team (if you have one)
  • Research your current clients
  • Interview your current clients
  • Use lead tracking software or national data research results for your demographic

By now you should have a firm understanding of the keywords you can start expanding on to really help you target your ideal prospect. As you can see keyword research and SEO are very important to really help boost your success online.

But to really maximize your success you need to be on the same level as your potential buyers, understand their mind and be ready to respond with relevant offers when they find you.