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Website Design

3 Easy Ways to Start Building Your Website Personalization Strategy

website_personlizationThere is a growing buzz around website personalization these days. Most companies realize the importance of personalization. But they aren't sure of the best way to approach it. Here are some easy ways to start thinking about website personalization:

1. Segmentation

Regardless of the technology your website uses, you'll need to segment your website visitors. Consider how you bucket customers in real life. Men or women? Small business or large business? Domestic company or international company? DIY or professional?  English speaker or non-English speaker? Whatever buckets you have in real life you will likely need on your website. Many times you can align your online approaches to customers with your real life approaches to them. 

2. What Messaging Changes and When

What content (i.e. web pages, email, blogs, calls-to-action) will you present to the different buckets of your visitors and when will you present that content? For example, women may shop for their clothes online based on size and color while men might shop for apparel based on price. Once you determine whether your website visitor is male or female, you can serve up content or products based on the way they typically shop or gather information online. Maybe you want to present different information based on zip code or even based on age. A messaging flowchart can help determine when to present the appropriate message to the appropriate audience. 

3. Message Management

You've bucketed your peeps and decided what you want to tell them based on certain attributes. Now, how will you manage these different messages? This is where the technology you choose comes into play. If you're using HubSpot there are a ton of nifty features around smart content, email segmentation and buyer personas that are helpful. 

When considering website personalization, think of your real life processes first. Then see how you can mimic these successful real processes using your website technology. Let your business and sales processes drive your website technology implementation. Don't let your technology change what works for your business in real life. 

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