Using HubSpot's Ads Add-on to Measure Paid Media Campaigns

09/16/2015 3 min read Written by Jenny Traster

Ah, another successful INBOUND has come to an end. While I had the weekend to reflect on the keynotes, spotlights and deep dive sessions I attended, nothing makes me more anxious to be back in front of my laptop then sharing with my clients the new HubSpot products and services that were announced by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

For us marketers, especially for us that work at an inbound marketing agency, the HubSpot keynote is like waking up on Christmas morning to see what new toys we will get to play with.

LinkedIn_Create_-_Targeting“53% of HubSpot customers used some sort of paid media in their inbound marketing strategies”

For many years, HubSpot was skeptical of paid ads being used in inbound marketing strategies, thinking they were disruptive and irrelevant. They spent the last year researching and found that more than half of their customers are using paid ads to help promote relevant content or answer a search query. Paid ads can be “inbound-y” after all!

Answering the wish list of many HubSpot customers, it was announced that all portals have the capability to purchase the ads add-on, a relief for marketers or SMB owners who have yet to master the art of creating and monitoring Google AdWords and LinkedIn ads.

How the Ads Add-On Works

The HubSpot ads add-on lets you take care of ad campaigns in two powerful B2B ad arenas: Google AdWords and LinkedIn. The add-on provides you the opportunity to set up PPC campaigns directly in your HubSpot portal by clicking through the easy-to-choose dashboard options. While Google AdWords is still in beta, LinkedIn ads, known as Sponsored Updates, can let you precisely target your audience down to details that include:

  • Where they’re located
  • The name or category of companies they work for
  • Their job titles, job categories
  • Specific skill sets and groups

You set your cost per click’s maximum and minimum bid, your daily budget and the length of your campaign, and then let the system do the rest.

Ads_ROI_DashboardMeasure Conversions not Clicks

One of the greatest challenges most marketers face when running ads is they focus on the wrong metrics. They analyze click-based metrics such as traffic, CPC, CTR and CPA. This approach prevents marketers from knowing how much money their ads generate for their business and often prevent them from getting the most out of profitable campaigns.

Once you have your campaigns running, you can view how they are faring in the Paid Ad report. The report details:

  • Your overall spend and ROI, down to the keyword
  • Number of impressions, clicks and conversions
  • A breakdown on stats for each network where your campaigns are active, with one for AdWords and one for LinkedIn
  • Charts and graphs that give you an at-a-glance overview your campaign performance to see which is converting the most leads into customers

Leverage Ads to Grow Faster

The beauty of HubSpot’s ad add-on is how self-explanatory it truly is. You don’t have to learn new software, perform elaborate calculations or even dive all that deeply into a strategy. The add-on comes equipped with built-in expert knowledge to help you make the most of each campaign, along with details on what clicks converted into leads and customers – for every ad you launch.

Whether you’re new to the paid media scene or simply want a new way to make the most of it, the HubSpot ad add-on can help. PPC and social ads can bring much more pleasure than pain, especially when you get to see firsthand how they can help your business grow. To get started, click here or reach out to LyntonWeb team.

By: Jenny Traster

With a love of HubSpot dating back to 2010, Jenny works with clients to put the pieces of the inbound marketing puzzle together, from content marketing and social media management to demand generation and lead nurturing. When she’s not digging through data or reading the latest in social media trends, you’re most likely to find her traveling, practicing yoga or hiking with her dogs in the great outdoors.

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