Surge Homes Responsive Website Redesign

Case Study

Surge Homes interactive website surveys potential home buyers about their wants and needs


  • Custom responsive website with interactive landing pages
  • Interactive Google Maps
  • Custom Salesforce integration
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Landing page and email templates

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • HubSpot Integration

The Solution

Surge Homes turned heads and took the market by storm by announcing 8 potential homesites in the Houston metro area. With the help of Lynton's expert team, Surge Homes launched an interactive lead generating website that surveyed potential home buyers about their wants and needs. By taking a customer-first approach, Surge Homes generated over 2,500 leads in the first two months -- unheard of for any local real estate developer. Surge needed a slick, modern design that would reflect their luxury brand and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Delighting customers from Day 1

Most large developers will plan and launch a new project, then work furiously to get pre-sales contracts while the project is under construction. Surge Homes took a unique approach of sharing their plans with their prospects and the local community. As they received feedback about their projects, they gradually changed some of their offerings. This has resulted in financed, approved projects that customers not only want, but they're ready to pay money for. Visitors to Leads, Leads to VIPsTo generate demand for Surge Homes projects, Lynton built a multi-page interactive survey on the HubSpot COS. 

  1. On the first landing page, users can interact with a Google map containing all the homesite locations. 
  2. If a user is interested in one or more of the homesites, they rate each from 1-5 stars, then enter their email address. They can also set filters for price range, property type and square footage.
  3. Users are taken through a series of pages containing detailed information about each homesite, including pricing, floorplans, elevations, aerial and area photos, neighborhood information, and more. Each user can check the floorplans they like and add comments.

Custom Salesforce integration 

All of the survey data is stored in HubSpot, but also syncs to a custom Salesforce object which included important information both for reporting needs and sales team access. Lynton built a custom Salesforce integration using Scribe Online which processed the HubSpot data into Surge's custom Salesforce objects.

A Winning Marketing Strategy

We helped optimize Surge's website not only for organic search, but also for page load speeds, user experience, and lead conversion rates. We used industry-leading multi-variate testing software to improve engagement and conversion rate. We ran several user testing sessions to ensure that the site was intuitive and easy to use for the target audience. Finally, we guided Surge in the content strategy and development process to help them create high-impact blogs and news posts. We continue working with Surge on new website releases and inbound marketing consulting.