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Inbound Marketing

6 Signs You're Not An Inbound Marketer

Whenever I think of marketers that refuse to adopt the principles of inbound marketing, I think of an Outbound Marketers Anonymous Meeting. I envision them all in a room doing their introductions. "Hi. My name is Dan and I'm an outbound marketer." They confess about years of radio ads and billboards, weeping over their poor performing campaigns and the massive amounts of money they've spent.

Worried you might need to join Outbound Marketers Anonymous? Here are 6 signs you are not an inbound marketer and should seek help.

  1. When someone suggests your company start blogging:
    inbound marketer

  2. When your sales team complains about not having any leads:
    sales complaining about no leads
  3. When looking at your email unsubscribes:
    email unsubscribes
  4. When an SEO company talks to you about buying inbound links
  5. When someone suggests adding social media to your marketing plan:
    adding social media to your marketing
  6. When your boss asks you where sales are coming from:
    where sales are coming from

If one or more of these are true for you, there is help for you and your company's marketing. To receive help you can:

Good luck!