HubSpot Releases Data Model Visualization in Latest Update

02/14/2023 2 min read Written by Megan Combs

HubSpot’s January release included a bunch of new features that make the platform stronger and easier to use. Get ready to gain an improved look at your data, make HubSpot Payments work harder with subscriptions, and create better goals.

Here are the three HubSpot updates we’re highlighting this month.

Data Model Visualization

The biggest update HubSpot launched in January is the Data Model Visualization. Whether you’re a HubSpot beginner or you’ve been using it for some time, mapping your business data to HubSpot’s data model can be tricky — especially if you aren’t aware of all the terminology and data concepts. You risk a major slowdown in your implementation process and data quality issues if something falls through the cracks.

This data model helps users quickly understand essential HubSpot CRM concepts and terminology without having to scour their website. Now you can set up a data model quickly and correctly with a solid data foundation.

Clicking on objects in your data map will help you dig even deeper into an object’s properties and how it works with other elements of your website.

This update is available for all tiers and hubs of HubSpot, but Enterprise users can also take advantage of the new, simple custom object builder. This allows you to create custom objects and see them appear, in real time, in the data model overview.

HubSpot Payments Updates

For all U.S. HubSpot Payments users, you can now set up payments for recurring products and services to start billing on a future calendar date. Use this to sell a course or an event that starts on a particular day and repeats, and set the start date payment in the future.

You can also now schedule a subscription delay at checkout. This allows you to start billing on a delay after the checkout process. For example, if you want to allow time for onboarding or offer a free trial period, you would use this feature to begin charging after the trial period or onboarding has ended.

Custom Goals for Enterprise

HubSpot Sales and Service Hub Enterprise users can now create Custom Goals based on any property — even custom properties! This will give you the ability to set better goals for your customer-facing teams and will help hold them accountable.

Find the full list of January HubSpot updates here.

Make HubSpot Work Harder for You

With data model visualization, improvements to HubSpot Payments, and the ability to create custom goals, you can make HubSpot work harder for your business — improving business processes, boosting your bottom line, and holding your teams accountable.

Ready to make the most of HubSpot but not sure where to get started? Our onboarding team can help! Meet with us today so we can get you where you want to go tomorrow.

By: Megan Combs

With a background in magazine journalism, Megan channels her love of the English language and grammar into her writing and editing. Before joining Lynton, Megan was a top content marketer at a digital marketing agency, where she helped clients translate their brand promises into strategic digital and social media messages.

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