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5 Examples of What You Can Do with HubSpot Custom Reports

Without reporting on your data, knowing if your team’s efforts are genuinely working is impossible. You can make your data work for you with HubSpot’s various reporting options.

HubSpot comes with several default reports to analyze your lead and customer data so you can make informed business decisions. They’re all valuable, but sometimes custom reporting within HubSpot reporting may offer more value and help propel your business forward.

Types of Custom Reports

There are five types of flexible, custom reports you can use to analyze objects and activities within your portal. Note: Custom reporting is available in all Hubs at the Pro and Enterprise levels, with certain reports available only to specific solutions.

    • Single object reports: This type of custom report lets you report on one dataset such as contacts, companies, deals, tickets, custom objects, activities, line items, feedback submissions.
    • Across data-sets: This report allows you to report on the same data as above but across two different datasets. With across-data set reports, you can see the relationship between properties across two data sets.
    • Funnel reports: These reports show conversion rates and progress between stages of a customer’s lifecycle or a deal’s pipeline. Enterprise-level accounts, including reporting on event funnels.
    • Attribution reports:
      • Contact – Measures what sources, assets, and interactions impact lead gen (Marketing Hub and CMS Hub Enterprise)
      • Deal create – Measures which sources, assets, interactions impact deal generation (Marketing Hub Enterprise only)
      • Revenue – Measures which sources, assets, interactions impact revenue generation

You can also use the custom report builder, an advanced report builder, to dive deep into the details of your business’s operations.

Examples of Specific Custom Reports

The more you use custom reports, the more metrics and data you’ll be able to examine that reflect your company’s unique processes. For example, you can add particular metrics in your existing reports like lead-to-close time, customer acquisition cost, average number of activities by sales rep, and more to build more customized reports. Here are a few examples of custom reports using different properties that may be worth creating:

Multi-touch attribution report

A multi-touch revenue attribution report can show what parts of your sales and marketing campaigns ultimately acquire customers and create revenue. Properties could include deals, deal close date, companies, campaigns, interactions, and content types.

Contact generation

Want to know which of your marketing channels are bringing in the most leads? A contact generation report measures what the most effective channels for lead generation are.

Deal pipeline report

If you need to see who’s converting and when so you can better inform your sales representatives, a deal pipeline report is handy. It also shows who’s close to converting so you can ramp up your efforts. Properties here may include industry, deal size, lifecycle stage, and more.

Tracking report

The time and effort to create a premium piece of gated content shouldn’t be understated. To make sure you’re spending your time wisely, a tracking report can see how people discover your content and how many people download it.

Tailored marketing reports

Custom reporting lets you add more detailed metrics to typical reports, like a marketing report. You can add social media campaigns, first conversions, traffic on websites, sessions, sessions over time, and individual page performance. From there you can create even more nuanced reports like Original Source Type broken down by Average Pageviews or the performance of just your MQLs.

Wrapping Up

There are multiple ways to manipulate HubSpot’s reporting to create the most necessary reports for your business. And you absolutely should because the more you study and analyze data customized for your company, the more you can improve your business practices. With that said, if you need help with custom reporting or anything related to your company’s sales or marketing, contact our team today!

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