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6 Creative Workflows to Boost Your Marketing Automation

HubSpot’s workflow tool is a powerful feature, but coming up with ideas for different workflows can sometimes be challenging. If you’re new to HubSpot – or a seasoned veteran – here are some suggestions for marketing workflows to get you started.

Welcome Workflow

Have you ever started receiving emails from a brand without remembering what you signed up for in the first place? If so, you probably felt inclined to hit “unsubscribe” or worse – “spam!” With a welcome campaign automated with HubSpot’s workflow, you can minimize the risk of this happening and give your new email subscribers a big hello to your newsletter.

Set this workflow up by creating a trigger that sends an automated email after a user submits your newsletter subscription form. After that, you can send a sequence of emails detailing your blog, featuring top articles, or similar content.

Onboarding Workflow

After you’ve successfully nurtured leads into making a purchase, start your new customer relationship off on the right foot with an onboarding campaign. The main trigger to begin this workflow would be a contact’s lifecycle stage updating to “customer.”

When you set up the logistics, your new customers can receive an automated series of emails to introduce them to their new product, their point of contact, and any beginner’s tips to get the most out of your solution.

Free Trial Workflow

The point of any free trial is to convince someone to buy the full product. With a free trial workflow, you can nudge them into a purchase. Once someone signs up for your free trial via a form on your site, use that as your workflow trigger to start this campaign.

Begin by thanking them, then start providing material on how to use features of their free trial. Keep the length of your free trial in mind and try to space your emails apart accordingly. The final email in this workflow campaign could be an encouraging message to sign up.

Upsell or Cross-Sell Workflow

The success rate of selling to your current customers is 60-70% while selling to a new customer is only 5-20%. With a workflow in place, upselling or cross-selling is simple. Start by creating a dynamic list of contacts who’ve made individual purchases and create different workflows that recommend complementary solutions or upgrades.

The trigger for these workflows would be “past purchases” and how long ago they were made. With it, you could start sending automated communication to a contact who bought the lowest level tier of your solution, inspiring them to move up a level.

Appointment or Consultation Workflow

Workflows benefit multiple departments in a single organization – especially sales and marketing. Marketing and sales can work together by building a workflow that automatically sets up consultations based on a series of triggers. The first could be a form submission on one of your premium resources, like a whitepaper or eBook.

With lead scoring in place, this would update their lifecycle stage to MQL. Another series of emails after this could offer a different resource, which would ultimately result in an email setting up a sales call.

Customer Happiness Workflow

Do you use Net Promoter Scores to judge how satisfied your customer-base is? You can use these NPS ratings to maintain customer happiness, or increase it, with a series of automated workflows.

For happy customers, you can send them exclusive content or invitations to webinars to keep delighting them. The trigger for this would be someone rating you an 8,9,10 or whatever you consider “happy.” For unhappy customers, you can send an automated customer feedback survey or another resource. For this, the trigger would be a low rating, such as anything smaller than a 5.

Now It’s Your Turn

HubSpot’s workflows tool offers almost endless opportunities for captivating campaigns. All you have to do is start experimenting with it. Just remember to keep your triggers in mind, space your emails out with appropriate delays, and try to personalize as much as you can! If you’d like to go over a workflow idea, or don’t know where to start, reach out to us today. We’d love to help!