Lead Prospecting, Payments Improvements Included in HubSpot Updates

11/17/2023 3 min read Written by Megan Combs

It’s that time again: HubSpot’s monthly release notes are here, and we are ready to tell you all about our favorites and how they can help you. Let’s dig in.

HubSpot October 2023 Release Notes

The thing we’re most excited about this month is the ability to assign business units to workflows. This will help you solve organizational issues within workflows by distinguishing marketing automation efforts across different business units and/or brands.

We love it because you can now organize workflows in the same way you can organize other assets. 

Additionally, you can now manage subscription types and statuses across business units. This makes it so that contacts unsubscribing from one business unit are still subscribed to the others in your portal.

Lead Prospecting

While the lead prospecting workspace isn’t new per se, we do like the way it continues to improve. October saw the prospecting beta go live, and the way it’s maturing is very promising. As leads make their way through different lifecycle stages, the automation HubSpot has built in makes it super easy to see where a lead is in your sales process.

Lead Form Routing

We’re also pretty excited about this one. Ready to streamline your meeting booking process? This new beta tool will help. Lead form routing to meetings will use the information you collect in forms to customize the user journey. It will ensure they’re directed to the most relevant meeting link for their needs.

Data Sync Inspect by Record View

Monitoring the health of your data sync just got easier. Data Sync Inspect by Record view will give you a close-up analysis of what’s happening with your data in real time.

Updated Checkout Page with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Get your virtual wallet ready! Apple Pay and Google Pay have been added to HubSpot Payments. This tool also has an updated layout for credit card payments and a more secure ACH flow that instantly verifies bank accounts.

Notifications for Workflow Issues

Have you ever been thwarted by a broken workflow that you had no idea wasn’t working? You can now be notified of workflow issues via Slack, Email, Facebook Workplace, MS Teams, mobile, browser, or with in-app notifications on a per workflow basis. 

Read about all of October’s releases here.

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By: Megan Combs

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