[Video] How We Build Super-Charged Inbound Websites

10/20/2017 3 min read Written by Roman Kniahynyckyj

Samantha Schultz is our rock star Project Manager for website redesigns. In this video, Samantha shares all the details of what goes into a website redesigns and how she guides you every step of the way. If you are thinking of a new website or refreshing your current website, this is the video to watch!


What do you do at LyntonWeb?

I’m a Project Manager. That means I take our clients who have signed up for a website redesign, from start to finish through the entire website redesign process. And if they need help afterword, I’m there to guide them through conversion optimization, and any other website services they need.

What is the website redesign process?

So the website redesign process always starts with getting to know you. We care about our businesses’ goals and who they’re actually talking to with their website.

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Once we know who they’re talking to, and how the website needs to play into their business, we will move into site mapping. This is where we’re determining the site architecture, all the pages, all the content, everything that they need to appeal to their audience

After we determine the site architecture, we move into wireframing. Wireframing is the black & white blueprint, and the core page templates that you have. Those core page templates are going to take into account responsive behavior and any additional pieces of functionality that you need. After we determine the core page templates, what those look like, and how they behave, we move into design.

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In the design phase, our designer is taking your brand and bringing it to life. We are flushing out those wireframes to make sure they look great, and that they will attract the visitors we’re intending to bring to the website.

Once those designs are complete, we move those over to our developers who will skin your website pages with either HubSpot or WordPress. Our experts will code those websites in a way that’s easy for you to manage and update content moving forward.

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Once those page templates are developed, we will then insert all the content you provided to us, and once you’re ready to go, we will help you through and hold your hand through the launch process. All the technical tidbits and DNS changes, to make sure it’s a really easy transition for your users. Should you need help after launch, a lot of our clients take advantage of our conversion optimization process called growth driven design, where will reiterate on the website and make sure we’re testing things like colors, buttons, headlines, making sure that it really appeals to the users and does what we want it to. 

And that’s the end of our website process!

By: Roman Kniahynyckyj

Roman has been helping clients develop and implement revenue enhancing inbound marketing strategies since 2009. Prior to becoming an inbound marketer, Roman was a management consultant with Ernst & Young, Booz Allen Hamilton, BearingPoint, and KPMG. Roman's relentless focus on client satisfaction and client results has garnered accolades from many clients and teams.

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