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Inbound Marketing

Which Disney Princess is Your Inbound Marketing Website?

I may or may not be listening to the main title of Cinderella right now. I may or may not have spent Saturday night eating gummy worms and watching Cinderella on my MacBook. Somewhere in-between the fairy godmother and the singing mice it got me thinking. For some of you, there isn't enough magic pixie dust in the world for the fairy godmother to fix your website. But for the rest of you, humor me for a moment, which Disney Princess is your website?


Cinderella happily woke up at the butt crack of dawn to scrub toilets for her ugly stepsisters. With the help of mice, homegirl was showered with a full face of makeup and beautiful hair in 30 seconds. She may have started out looking ratchet and wearing rags, but Cinderella turned into a princess and was beautiful inside and out.

So maybe your website is like Cinderella. That is, if you started with an ugly site hosted on GoDaddy and now you have a beautiful website. A beautiful website inside and out with effective, customizable templates as well as a wonderful user experience. A beautiful responsive website that looks great on mobile, desktop, and any other device in the kingdom with Wifi. 


Which Disney Princess is Your Inbound Marketing Website?This mermaid sold her soul to the devil to get a man that she met once. So, let's just set aside the fact that she was desperate and pathetic and focus on the fact that Ariel took a chance on love. She said goodbye to the sea, lost her voice, combed a fork through her seaweed hair and went and got her man.

Hopefully your website isn't as pathetic as Ariel. Maybe you did your research, argued with outbound marketers that believe in spending $50,000 on a billboard, and you took a chance to redesign your website. Ariel took a chance and got her Prince Eric, and now look at you with your increase in leads and visitors! 

Snow White

Which Disney Princess is Your Inbound Marketing Website?Snow White constantly sang "Someday my Prince will come." But instead of going to find her man, she hung out with 7 creepy little men and baked pies all day. She probably would have found her man a lot sooner (and not have eaten a poison apple) if she actually went out and did some work to find him. 

If you think leads on your website are just going to magically appear, then your website might be like Snow White. Instead of blogging or updating any content, you think it's more beneficial to nap and pay for some unqualified leads. Snow White got a little lucky. Princes aren't just going to come kiss you, and leads won't just magically appear. Blog consistently, put out advanced content, post on social media, and do the work.


Which Disney Princess is Your Inbound Marketing Website?This girl had 10 miles of perfectly blonde, combed, frizz-free hair. If I step outside in the Houston humidity for 10 seconds I look like a ferocious lion. Rapunzel spent her entire life locked in a tower waiting. Instead of simply hopping out of the tower, she just waited, combed her hair, and sang perfectly choreographed songs.

You might be Rapunzel if you think it's a good idea to take no action steps to improve your website. If you think it's a good idea to wait to leave the CMS, to wait to redesign your homepage, to wait to update your blog. If you got 99 problems and your website is 1, then rearrange your priorities. If someone wants to learn about you, where are they going to get information about you? Your website.

Now I love me some Disney Princesses. Let's make that clear. But let's learn a thing or two from these women. Stop waiting for a man. And stop waiting for your website to fix itself and leads to magically appear. Do the work, make the effort, and let LyntonWeb be your website's fairy godmother.

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