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Attract Qualified Leads to Your Brand With Integrated Inbound Marketing

How We Do Inbound Marketing

At Lynton, we take your success personally. That’s why we approach inbound marketing not as just a series of emails or blogs, but as a robust digital presence that continually brings qualified leads to your company. With a completely customized inbound strategy, we can deliver that for you. We do so by: 

  • Determining your buyer personas 
  • Helping you understand your customer’s journey
  • Creating tactics that support your overarching business goals 
  • Collaborating and never saying no to a “crazy idea”

What Makes Up a Successful Inbound Plan?

Together, we’ll propel your company forward by ensuring we not only entice visitors to your brand but provide them with reasons to stay -- and buy.



Maintaining a constant digital presence - full of educational engaging, and persuasive content - draws visitors in with the intention to  build a relationship.





With the valuable, problem-solving content that we’ll help you create and provide, your qualified leads are converted into potential buyers.



Our automated marketing processes and other strategies swiftly carry qualified leads through buying stages and into closed deals.





Strong relationships are developed through mutual happiness, and we facilitate this through content and marketing relations that don’t end once the dotted line has been signed.

How We Make Inbound Marketing Magic


Getting To Know You

Your inbound marketing strategy is most productive when the design is fitted just for you. Our ongoing relationship begins with us getting to know you through a series of discovery documents and meetings.


Building a Strategy

We’ll work with you to determine what’s best for your company, ultimately building a customized inbound marketing strategy aligned to your goals. We’ll make sure you have your buyer personas in place, establish quarterly and yearly plans, and mold your customer’s buyer journey so our strategies to reach them at the right time.


Executing Your Inbound Marketing Plan

Together we’ll decide which digital marketing approaches you’ll need to utilize to attract, convert, close, and delight your visitors and customers. We’ll use strategies like marketing automation, SEO, content marketing, paid advertising and more to get the job done.


Supporting You Every Step of the Way

As marketing and HubSpot experts, we’re here to become an extension of your marketing team by offloading manual work, providing best practices, and always being available to answer the questions you may have.

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“Lynton has been instrumental in increasing our web traffic. The people at Lynton are excellent communicators and follow up on all requests in a timely manner.”
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Clients We’ve Helped

We’ve Created Successful Inbound Marketing Plans For Hundreds of Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need an Answer Now?

What industries do you serve?

We provide services to clients in a wide array of industries, including but not limited to: consumer goods, e-commerce, fitness, healthcare, investment/finance, marketing, nonprofit, oil and gas, payroll, professional services, public service, SaaS, transportation, and travel.

How much does it cost?

We deliver services with a points-based agile methodology. This enables our team to provide strategic inbound services based on your evolving business needs. Our monthly retainers begin at $5,000.

How many customers have you helped?

As a HubSpot Elite Partner Agency, we have helped over 500 companies take charge of their digital presence.

What marketing services can you provide?

We have a wealth of knowledge in the following areas: buyer persona development, customer journey planning, keyword strategy, seo, social media marketing, content marketing, email, HubSpot marketing automation strategies, SMS marketing, local marketing, paid digital advertising, off-page optimization, and forms and CTA development. We are also experts in HubSpot integrations and website designs.

What makes you different from other agencies?

As one of the earliest partner agencies to work with HubSpot in 2009, we’ve consistently used inbound marketing to spur client success. We stand out in the HubSpot marketplace due to our technical expertise, and the ability to offer highly customized solutions because of it. We also work in an agile environment to tackle the predictable and unpredictable through collaborative efforts and provide you with results in a timely manner.