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Engaging your patients and growing your online community

Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Drive Patient Engagement

Is your Twitter feed just an afterthought? Is your Facebook page a graveyard of buried posts? Does your LinkedIn profile feel like a lost patient wandering the halls? 

Taking Your Social Channels From Good To Great

Many healthcare marketers know that they need to manage their social media channels, but lack of time, direction or knowledge often means this task gets pushed to the bottom of their priorities. But a healthy and strategic social presence not only helps improve patient engagement and your brand online, it drives additional traffic to your website and attracts new patients.. 

Let Us Guide You to Social Success

Is it time for your healthcare and medical organization to begin building your social channels in a way that improves patient satisfaction and drives your business goals?. LyntonWeb can help design and deliver a strategy to achieve both. Our digital and social media marketing experts have a pulse on the latest social trends and best practices. We can guide you towards which platforms, tools, tactics and strategies will bring you the greatest engagement and ROI for your unique audience. 

Social Media doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. By breaking it down into specific and actionable key components, we can help deliver a custom social media marketing strategy to support your online presence.

These are some of the essential pieces we consider:

Social Brand Strategy
User and Engagement Analytics
Social Media Advertising
Social Customer Support
Content Strategy
Community Generated Media

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