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The Inbound Methodology for NonProfits

Inspire Change by Attracting, Connecting and Engaging Your Supporters

What is Inbound Marketing?

Focused on drawing supporters in through relevant content and useful interactions, inbound marketing allows potential donors to find your organization through blogs, social media and search engines. Rather than fighting for their attention, your organization offers informational content that helps  to solve their problems and build trust with your organization.


Your nonprofit organization can use various tools to draw in qualified potential donors. After you have identified your target members, volunteers or donors, you can hand craft your messages to appeal directly to them. Marketing messages may be designed to reach potential visitors through your:

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • PPC


When leads have been drawn to your nonprofit website, the next goal is to convert your visitors into contacts. This happens by motivating them to share their personal information, like an email address, with you, possibly through an invitation to an event or in exchange for free guides or valuable tools. Opening up conversion paths on your website can be done with the following:

  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages


Once you have attracted the most qualified leads and gleaned their contact information through conversion, it’s time to engage them toward becoming members, volunteers or donors. Using the personal information you have collected from their website visits, you can segment your database to create targeted email nurturing campaigns to send the right content, at the right time based an individual's specific interest. You can engage your community by nurturing your contacts with:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Workflows
  • CRM Integration


Even when a visitor becomes a members, volunteer or donor, that doesn’t mean the story is over! In fact, now is the time to continue delighting your the with marketing. This helps donors understand that you are interested in an ongoing relationship with them, generates positive feelings toward your nonprofit organization, builds a community around your common cause, and inspires donors to share their stories and become brand advocates. Marketing efforts in this phase may include:

  • Events
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Smart Content for Return Visitors
  • Social Media

Integrating Classy and HubSpot 

Boost Donations When You Sync Your Online Fundraising Platform With HubSpot

About the Integration

Our custom integration between HubSpot and Classy provides the combination of an industry-leading marketing automation platform with the very best data source for online fundraising. This cutting-edge collaboration offers a unique balance between seeking new donors for your nonprofit while increasing donations from those who have previously donated.

From a technical side, the sync between Classy and HubSpot is bi-directional, so that data changed in HubSpot is synced back to Classy and vice-versa. Custom synced fields can help to build email campaigns and other inbound marketing efforts for your organization. 

Attract Supporters with a Fresh Website

User-Friendly, Responsive Websites Built on HubSpot or WordPress 


We’ll spend time learning about your organization, your donors, and the best way target them. We’ll begin developing wireframes and sitemaps to make the greatest impact for your non-profit organization.


Rather than simply a cookie cutter design, our team provides a unique, custom-built website that distinguishes your organization and your brand from all the rest.


At this point we’ll begin development of your website. We’ll pay specific attention to the details of your project, walking you through every step of a seamless launch to take your site live.


The launch of your website does not end our relationship. In fact, this is just beginning as we monitor the functionality and usage of your site, staying on top of trends, and providing ongoing guidance.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Client Spotlight: Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

As the Twin Cities’ Habitat for Humanity considered a redesign for their website, they knew that they wanted to offer their visitors a custom website design with interactive elements that would be easy to use. They wanted to highlight stories of those families benefitting from involvement and donation, and they hoped to feature the variety of programs that they offer.

LyntonWeb has been able to provide:

  • Unique, user-friendly website design on a platform responsive to the users’ device
  • SEO exploration acting as the driving force behind new web copy
  • Straightforward, streamlined structure of information
  • Landing page, email design

Results of the new website for Twin Cities’ Habitat for Humanity include an improved overall conversion rate for visitors, as well as the beginnings of an increase in organic traffic resulting from the SEO overhaul that was included with the redesign.

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