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Custom Site Design Highlights Plancorp’s Financial Planning Expertise


The Client

Plancorp is a  financial services firm specializing in retirement planning for individuals and families, among other advanced financial planning services. Their expert team of wealth advisors works tirelessly to bring peace of mind to their clients so they can make the right money choices to ensure a healthy financial present and future.

We’ve helped Plancorp act on their mission through numerous projects, ranging from pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, graphic design, and more. Most notably, we collaborated on a Financial Wellness Assessment that allows users to uncover the most important financial steps they should be taking in under two minutes. Lynton’s creative forces, combined with Plancorp’s ingenuity, have led to great results from every campaign. The success of our strong partnership is why they opted to discuss a partial website redesign project with us. 

Plancorp Homepage

The Need for Updated Designs 

After launching the Financial Wellness Assessment and its corresponding lead nurtures, Plancorp’s team wanted the primary CTA on their homepage to encourage users to take it. That’s when they recognized their entire homepage could benefit from updating. They specifically zeroed in on: 

  • Improving the navigation
  • Altering the hero imagery to have a more multicultural and multi-generational focus
  • Renewing the copy and content 
  • Building a new template to present their core services 

Plancorp Assessment Module

When brainstorming how to present their service offerings on the homepage best, our teams decided a new service page template was necessary to maintain cohesiveness throughout the website design. We approached these individual pages, along with the homepage, in the same fashion as other website projects: 

  • Strategizing the layout, keywords, and content with Plancorp’s team
  • Developing wireframes for a blueprint on how the pages would appear
  • Designing the pages and templates, with revisions

The Results

Today, Plancorp’s homepage’s top module focuses on their assessment and the diversity of their clients, which, coupled together, is driving more people to take their quiz. Also, we modernized their homepage and service pages, sticking to their branding and messaging while adding our flair. Other updates:

  • Custom icons for each service on the homepage and interior service pages 
  • Animations and unique graphics to describe “Who is Plancorp” and “Plancorp by the Numbers” on each service page 
  • Sourced imagery with branded color overlays 
  • Streamlined navigation 
  • Eye-catching CTA buttons throughout the site 
  • New modules to showcase the Plancorp team 
  • Plancorp’s newly designed pages open the door for future potential projects as their business grows and flourishes.

Love the design and the results? Contact Lynton to get your project started today.