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Inbound Marketing

5 Excellent Places To Use HubSpot on Your WordPress Website

We've written previously and a bit more technically about how to use HubSpot in combination with your existing WordPress website. Today, I would like to bring that conversation up one (or maybe a few levels) so we can see the forest and not just the trees. 

If you're wedded to your existing WordPress site because of its functionality, SEO authority or any other reason - that's OK. There are places on your website where HubSpot can support increased lead capture and nurturing. The benefit of integrating HubSpot is that you'll have world class marketing automation and reporting at your fingertips. Sure, there are probably a bunch of different WordPress plugins that can do some of the things HubSpot does. With HubSpot, you have everything in one place and at your fingertips. And you have a bunchy of crazy-smart people running around in Cambridge purely concerned with making HubSpot better every day. So, some good places use HubSpot on your WordPress site...

  • Your HomePage - Use HubSpot on your home page to capture bottom of the funnel leads. Visitors might want to speak to an expert or request a quote so give them that option using a Hubspot form. In fact, you have the ability to add a HubSpot form on any page of your WordPress site or any non HubSpot site for that matter. 
  • Downloadable Content - Don't ever give content away for free. Whether it's a checklist, guide, or cheat sheet - give it to your website visitors in exchange for some useful information like an email and possibly a phone number depending on where you would place the content you're offering in your funnel. Placing a HubSpot landing page and form in front of that content will give you the opportunity to capture this information.
  • Your Blog - Your blog is a bit of a special case. I would recommend using all of HubSpots blog functionality for your blog. You can incorporate smart CTAs and really tune your content to prospects, leads or customers. If you haven't written a blog using HubSpot's blogging tool, you really should try it out. HubSpot does all the thinking for you and assures the blog content you are creating is completely optimized. 
  • Services Pages - if you have services pages, you'll want to consider a HubSpot form on those pages so you'll capture leads with specific needs. For example, we have forms on our inbound marketing, website design, and HubSpot integration services pages. 
  • Support/Contact Pages - finally don't forgot to use HubSpot forms on any 'Contact Us' or Support pages - these pages are great places to capture and segments leads or customers. 

Don't think you have to do away with your WordPress website just because you want to augment it with HubSpot's killer software. And you don't have to do it alone - we can help. 

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