Major Change Coming to Facebook? - Inbound Marketing Highlights

10/29/2017 4 min read Written by Lynton

As inbound marketing professionals, it's important to be flexible. For example, when Facebook changes, hey we change with it! When the seasons change, so does our newsletter content. Take a look below to review this week's inbound marketing highlights and keep tabs on the latest industry trends. 


Facebook Splitting News Feed Could Force Companies to Re-Think Social Media Marketing

Facebook is testing a major change that may leave social media marketers frantic. Right now, six countries have a version of Facebook with not one, but TWO newsfeeds. The idea is to have one place for personal posts, while the second newsfeed, known as the "Explore Page," will be strictly for business pages. The marketing fear is that a user will log on, check their friend's updates, and ignore the Explore Page entirely. This could be bad news for small businesses that rely strictly on organic reach. With the split feed set-up, businesses will have to purchase ads to appear on the primary feed. But don't freak out just yet! This format is still in the testing phase with no plans to move to other countries for now. 

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Holiday Email Marketing Insights from the Experts

Don't wait to make your holiday newsletters! Statistics show that the holiday season is a huge opportunity for email marketing. Early planning and reviewing last year's results can help you get ready for the approaching holiday rush. This article explores some of the most successful newsletters from last year. From Godiva's aesthetically pleasing modular templates to Taco Bell's use of gamification, holiday newsletters are becoming increasingly innovative and strategic. This article includes advice ranging from picking a fun subject line, to tasteful ways to include GIFS. They also suggest including a discount and countdown timer in order to 'create a feeling a FOMO'. Read the article for more tips and tricks. 

UX Design: White Space

White space is arguably the most underrated element of UX. Cluttered and crammed web pages are out of date and will overwhelm your consumers. White space is very easy to implement, in fact, it doesn't even need to be white! It's all about providing a clean looking background and adequate spacing for viewers. Proper use of white space has been proven to improve reader comprehension and even your website's SEO. This article will help you tidy up your web page and utilize white space like a pro. 

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How An Entry-Level Employee With Zero Digital Marketing Experience Became Hubspot's Top Salesperson

Looking to jump-start your digital career? This is an inspiring tale of how a HubSpot employee did just that. Once in the print publishing business, Sharen Murnaghan decided to make the switch to digital. Believing digital marketing would offer her clients a higher ROI, she enrolled in some classes, got a diploma, and looked for a place to test her newfound digital-sales skills. While it took her a while to first get into HubSpot, she progressed quickly once she was there. By 2014 she was the #1 International Sales achiever and 174% over quota. Read this article to hear her advice.

What the Science of Binge Watching Can Teach Content Marketers

Have you ever finished a TV series within a week? I have. Sometimes we aren't even aware of how much content we've consumed on Netflix, because it's just so effortless. So how exactly does this happen? Netflix has created a user experience so seamless, that users choose to stay engaged for long periods of time. With Netflix, you don't have commercials, you can skip the show's intro, and the next episode even starts automatically, making it way easier to watch than cable TV. Marketers must to take note of Netflix's strategy and find a way to make their content as 'binge-able'. 

That's this week's Inbound Marketing Highlights. Happy Halloween! Hope to see you next week for more! 


By: Lynton

Lynton is a HubSpot Elite Partner that provides certified knowledge and tools to grow your business through integrated inbound marketing, including lead generation strategies, website designs and development, and CRM integrations.

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