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Inbound Marketing

Weekly Roundup: Why social media, blogging matter so much

A weekly briefing of noteworthy inbound marketing links that you may have missed, but can't afford not to:

Why social media is like green eggs: Wondering whether social media marketing is right for your business? (Answer: It's right for practically everyone.) For an interesting way to look at this question, check out what Jennifer Maggiore has to say in a guest post on Convince & Convert.

Battle of the century: Is social media going to eclipse search engines as the way we find things out? We don't think so - hey, radio survived the advent of TV - but it's really too soon to tell. Mitch Joel has some interesting thoughts on "Search Engine Optimization Vs. Social Media Optimization" on his Six Pixels of Separation blog. What's your take?

Thoughts on blogging: Joe Pulizzi offers 37 Reasons to Blog on Junta 42. Our favorite is No. 30: "A blog promotes customer loyalty. Customers will look to you for expert insight to help them with their pain points. When they are ready to buy, they'll buy from the expert."

Rock solid: If you don't know what cornerstone content is and how you can use it to build a stronger web presence, check out this post from Derek Halpern on CopyBlogger, "How Cornerstone Content Gets You Traffic and Subscribers." 

Changing course: For an example of how a large corporation is reinventing its online presence by creating content people actually might enjoy or find useful (as opposed to the PR puffery that plagues similar sites), check out Boeing. Here's what David Meerman Scott has to say about it in his blog post, "The Plane Truth: Brand journalism and the new Boeing site."

Quote of the week: "You need more than just a ‘Contact Us' form to attract the interest of the vast majority of your website visitors. Sure, some of us will be ready to talk to a salesperson, but are you really willing to let 95% of your prospects flounder around with nothing else to do?" - Beth Dunn writing on HubSpot's inbound marketing blog about going beyond a "Contact Us" button to earn trust and generate sales leads.

Have you found (or created) anything that can help others succeed? Share it with us by posting a comment and a link.