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Inbound Marketing

Hiring a Social Media Community Manager

If you've been following the tragic shooting in Colorado, you may have seen some of the unfortunate and uninformed corporate tweets that resulted from poor social media management. 

Corporate reputations and brands are entrusted to social media community managers daily. Hiring a social media specialist who not only understands the culture of your organization but also understands your company's place within the broader global context is quickly becoming a business imperative. So where do you start? Consider these key community manager characteristics:

  • Digital Native - do you have a 50 year-old ad agency executive advising you on social media strategy? Why? That's the wrong model. You want to seek out a digital native who's grown up within the current transparency-driven internet culture. A digital native will guide you through the ever changing social internet world. 
  • Datahound - as more and more companies struggle to define social media ROI, you'll want a data geek who can not only crunch the numbers but also analyze the numbers and identify trends and recommend strategy changes or adjustments.
  • Director - You want a leader, not an order taker. You'll need direction on social media campaigns and challenges. You will have an irate customer or a troll who is intent on making your online life miserable and you'll want to deal with any negative online scenario swiftly and decisively.

Ultimately, the responsibility of vetting and hiring a social media resource will fall on the shoulders on the Director of Marketing or marketing leader within an organization. It's this person's responsibility to assure that best person is hired and to inculcate this social media whiz with an understanding of an organization's culture and how best to express this culture online.

Learn more about the duties and challenges of a social media community manager by downloading our Social Media Community Manager Playbook.

Photo credit: steven w