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Inbound Marketing

3 Can't-Live-Without WordPress Plugins for Inbound Marketing Geeks

WordPress PluginsWith the continued growth of inbound marketing we get the fact there will be a regular amount of newbies out there. We also understand that many of you will be implementing your inbound marketing methodology on your existing WordPress site. So we figured we'd highlight a few useful plug-ins for you as you begin your inbound or content marketing journey: 

  1. HubSpot Plugin for WordPress - if you are considering HubSpot but don't want to move your entire WordPress site over, consider this HubSpot for WordPress plugin that lets you place HubSpot tracking code on your WordPress site. Not sure exactly how to connect WordPress and HubSpot? Fear not - we have written an entire blog post on WordPress integration with HubSpot.
  2. Online Backup for WordPress - given that content is so critical for your inbound marketing website, don't risk losing that content or any other part of your website, for that matter. The WordPress online backup plugin gives you the option of backing up your WordPress locally, to email or online. 
  3. InboundWriter - there is so much chatter and advice around optimizing your content. InboundWriter is a WordPress plugin that offers just-in-time guidance on how to structure your post for maximum exposure. Hooking up words, phrases and clauses used to be a lot easier in the pre-SEO and pre-content optimization days, didn't it?
So hopefully you'll find these helpful. How about you? Any useful plugins you can recommend? 
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Photo Credit: Jake Mates via Compfight cc