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Checklist: Prepare for a Website Migration to HubSpot

There are many benefits to migrating your website from your current provider to HubSpot, but a migration isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Whether you’re in the process of deciding whether to migrate, or you’ve already made plans for a migration to HubSpot, there are several things you need to consider and prepare.

Luckily, we’ve built a handy dandy checklist to help you through the process to make it easier for you and all your stakeholders.

Benefits of Migrating Your Website to HubSpot

A website migration is literally moving your whole site from one platform to another — in this case, it’s HubSpot. If you’re still on the fence about whether a HubSpot website migration is for you, here are a few benefits.

  • Connect all your CRM info to all your CMS content for a seamless data experience.
  • Integrations abound! Can’t find a specific way to make HubSpot work for you? There’s likely an integration with software already in your tech stack.
  • Boost your marketing efforts.
  • Add more personalization to your website with smart content.
  • Responsive designs.
  • It's user- and marketer-friendly, meaning you don’t need an IT team to make site changes on the fly.

Before Migrating to HubSpot, Consider the Following

Before migrating to HubSpot, there are a few things to consider as you move forward. The process isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. Each page has to be recreated in HubSpot, which takes a good amount of time, depending on the size of your site.

Build Your Team

Your team is going to make or break your project. Discuss your intentions with these individuals and get their thoughts and concerns early.

  • Project sponsor – someone who owns the process and timeline
  • IT - someone who owns the domain DNS management
  • Budget owner – this could be your owner or accounting
  • Content owners – people responsible for adding content and creating new pages

A few other considerations:

  • A website redesign: Migrating from another platform to HubSpot requires manually recreating your current website from scratch. This is a good time to really evaluate if improving your website while moving into HubSpot might be a better option.
  • How you edit your content may change: HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor provides a lot of flexibility, but not all of the functionality you currently use will carry over to HubSpot.
  • Timeline: Website migrations from one platform to another are almost entirely manual, so expect the project to take just as long as a website redesign and development project.

Checklist to Prepare for a HubSpot Migration

You’ve settled on a HubSpot website migration, and now it’s time to prepare. So you’re not blindsided with a list of requests, we’ve made a checklist of everything you need to know ahead of time and some of the things we may request from you throughout the process. Any of these missing pieces will delay your migration, and no one wants that to happen!

  • Create a list of your hosting/domain logins and CRM/website logins
  • Get an idea of how you want to handle contact conversions on your new site
  • Acknowledge where your current contacts are stored and if they need to be imported into HubSpot
  • Determine where form submissions should be routed (team or single person?)
  • Create a list of what content you do/don't need migrated
  • Make a list of people who will be using HubSpot at your organization
  • Compile a folder of your brand assets
  • Provide detail on the forms that will need to be recreated in HubSpot and what pages those forms will be used
  • Provide a full sitemap of every web page URL
  • Generate a list of URLs that may be changing
  • Be prepared to export all media from your current site and upload into HubSpot, including all images and documents, and map each image name to the page where it is attached
  • Make note of any third-party apps integrated with your current website, and provide API documentation for those apps. Please provide any notes on what this integration does, how you use it, etc.
  • Gather information on whether your current site has private pages or membership content and details on what specific content is restricted and how contacts gain access to it

Migrating Your Website to HubSpot

At Lynton, we have a team of experts ready to guide you through your website migration. With all of the unique features, reports, and functionality you gain access to, you won’t regret making this leap! With these pieces in place, your migration will run smoothly and on time. Ready to get started? Reach out today!