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Inbound Marketing

HubSpot COS or WordPress - Key Decision Factors

Is WordPress or the HubSpot COS the best option for my company's website? It's a question we get a lot down here at the Lynton Corral. The short answer is - it depends. A better question to start with is what, ultimately are the business objectives of your new corporate website? 

Are you seeking a revved up virtual salesperson that can differentiate tire-kicking prospects from TOFU leads or are you looking to improve on your fledgling ecommerce site that your secretary's really smart nephew built for free but now isn't sure how to scale it to fit your growing customer orders. It depends, right? 

HubSpot and WordPress - What's the Diff?

Let's start by highlighting the differences between the two platforms beginning with WordPress. WordPress, for the uninitiated, is a blogging tool and content management system released in 2003 that's currently used by 60 million websites. Some important stuff to know about Wordpress:

It's Free - Download it here. Of course, there's no such thing as free, I suppose. You still have to pay for the hosting, build out, and maintenance of your WordPress site even though the actual software is free. 

It's Flexible - WordPress is open source and has an endless array of plugins with seemingly endless functionality. If you need a contact form or a login page or a way to import your Tumblr blog into your WordPress site, there's a plugin for that. 

It Can Be Insecure - No, not like in need of positive reinforcement insecure. I'm talking more NSA type insecure. WordPress sites can be vulnerable to hackers. WordPress is not a 'set it and forget it' type thing. Plugins need to be updated as do versions of the WordPress software itself. And if you don't have an expert on your team that's responsible for doing that - you leave your website and your company content on your website exposed to the bad guys. 

In comparison, HubSpot is a marketing software platform that is specifically designed to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers. HubSpot coined the term inbound marketing. Compared to traditional interruption based marketing, HubSpot's marketing platform supports the process of inbound marketing and helps attract customers rather than interrupt them. Some important stuff to know about HubSpot:

It's Not Free - HubSpot is hosted software and pricing aligns to business size. The more contacts you have, the more you will pay. We always have clients wanting to opt for WordPress simply because it's free. In some senses, you get what you pay for. There are a bunch of crazy smart people in Cambridge whose job is to design, build, host, maintain, and scale HubSpot software. You don't have to worry about hosting HubSpot software or make sure you have the latest version or worry about security issues. HubSpot does all that for you. 

It's Flexible (Sort Of) - Remember now, HubSpot software has a focused mission - inbound marketing. With that said, HubSpot wanted to make it easy for marketers (who are decidedly not super techie) to be able to use HubSpot without always having to dial up Pocket Protector Fred down in IT. Hard core codeheads might tell you that HubSpot is a bit difficult to work with and maybe not as elegant as they would like. But, remember all those smart people in Cambridge? There are continuously evolving HubSpot to meet the needs of both marketers and techies. 

It's Secure - you can trust HubSpot. That's the beauty of hosted software. You don't need to worry about the back-end stuff. It's like buying a BMW and having all the maintenance included. Good stuff. 

HubSpot and WordPress - So Which One Should I Choose?

Like I said in the beginning - it depends. What is the business objective of your website? Do you need customers to be able to order and sort through your inventory of products easily through ecommerce? Do you have a portal requiring a login page? Do you need to connect to multiple systems across your enterprise? You may want to consider WordPress. 

Is your website a key sales tool for your company? Are most of your leads generated online? Is your buying lifecycle complex? Do you require content specifically optimized for leads vs. customers? Doing a lot of social sharing? You may want to consider HubSpot. 

But I want to do both, Roman. Sure. We can do that. We've used HubSpot and other types of software including WordPress in building out corporate websites. It all depends

Hopefully, I've given you some food for thought here. Ultimately, this is stuff that needs to be talked about and noodled over. So give us a call, come to our office or convert as a lead below and let's get this party started...quickly! 

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