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Infographic: Getting to Know HubDB

Have you or any other member of your marketing team longed for an easier way to make data-driven content updates on your website? HubDB, a relational database and website add-on tool, can do just that. Unlike other databases that are solely maintained by your IT department, website functionality built with HubDB can be handed over to marketers.

While you will likely need a developer who is comfortable with HubL or JSON APIs to create your tables or other functionality initially, the ongoing maintenance can be done by your marketing team. No longer will you need to call on a developer to make a simple change to your “About US” page.

Because in this competitive age of the internet, anyone can make a website – so yours needs to be dynamic to keep up with the demands of users. The smooth functionality of HubDB and its capability to store your data allows marketers to create versatile, more efficient websites and webpages, which means prospects and customers will get the freshest and most dynamic information.

Need more ideas on how to use HubDB to create an excellent experience for your online visitors? View more benefits below, or download the infographic to save for later. Download the Infographic



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