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Inbound Marketing

Is (Protected Keyword) Google Turning Us All Into Content Automatons?

GoogleContentAutomatonContent, content, content, content, CONTENT. You hear it from all of us. Create content that offers customers value, solves a problem for them, brings them down the funnel, gets them to pick up the phone and call you. Let the content highlight your expertise, show your thought leadership, and put you in the forefront of your industry. Certainly no inbound marketing experts worth their salt would tell you differently. Allow me, dear reader, to be a bit contrarian this Sunday...a Sunday muse if you will...

What if, for a moment, we stopped trying to create content to convince Google how great and smart we are and marshaled all our resources into doing whatever it is that we do as companies, small businesses and sole proprietorships. What if the small ex-patriot tax CPA could focus most of her time on preparing the most optimized tax returns for expat clients rather than worrying about how to tell Google about her expertise. What if a small bike shop or niche motorcyle mechanic wouldn't have to worry about bowing to Google's good graces. And what if, for that matter, per Rand Fishkin's suggestion - Google would stop abusing its monoploy power. Actually, what if Google would harness it's monopoly power to create a human algorithm that tells consumers who the leading companies are in a space rather than who the leading content producers are in a space? If Google can build floating data centers and floating balloons they should be able to figure out a truly elegant way to striate good companies from great ones. Don't ya' think?

Perhaps that's the future. Maybe someday Google will reward companies for being the best at what they actually do whether it's lead nurturing or nurturing leaders, rather than rewarding companies for being content leaders. But maybe it's all part of the process. If you're a industry leader you're naturally a content leader. I'm not sure about you, but I would rather hire a mechanic that is the best mechanic not the best content creator. I want an auto repair machine not an auto content creating machine. 

The future is ours to see (and own). Let's not let Google tells us what the future will be. 

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Photo Credit: bbaltimore via Compfight cc