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Inbound Marketing

Is Your Online Dating Profile Focused on You or Your Buyer Persona?

Is Your Online Dating Profile Focused on You or Your Buyer Persona?Being a busy single Dad and inbound marketer, I typically don't have much time to date - or even think about dating. But hey, everyone has a hungry heart, right? Even me. Life is designed to be shared. I'm not talking about a Facebook share here either. 

So I recently had one my of female friends show me how she navigates the online dating world. I was both awed and fearful. 

"That dude is using that as his profile pic?"





I'm not sure what some of these 'onliners' were looking for but it certainly wasn't love. Or even companionship. I also noticed that both men and women were talking much more about themselves than what value they could bring to a potential relationship.

"I'm a lawyer..."

"I'm happy go lucky..."

"I dig my job..."

Can we stop with all the "I's?" Just like business, online dating is what you bring to the table. It ain't about you. How about..

"You're someone I want to make coffee for every morning for the rest of my life..."

"Let's spend a whole day at Starbucks and chit-chat about nothing..."

"You're the type of person I'd unquestionably support through thick and thin..."

You get the point. 

When you pivot and focus on the person (or customer) rather than just about yourself or how great your company is, you change the dynamic of the conversation, dramatically. 

Sure everyone is motivated and likes sunsets and long walks on the beach. But how do you make that actionable and meaningful? If cars could sell themselves would they say I drive, I turn, I flash my headlights? Or would they offer you an experience that is aspirational and a ride overlooking a beautiful canyon or ocean?

In business as in life - focus on your target. Understand your buyer persona, whether it's for online dating or online ordering. 

And remember, it ain't about you. It definitely ain't about you.

Being an Inbound Marketer is Hard