[Inbound Marketing Tips] The Top 10 Reasons Your Blog Sucks

09/30/2013 5 min read Written by Lynton

So you may remember a blog I wrote about The Top 10 Reasons Your Landing Pages Suck. I had so much fun writing it that I thought I would think of some reasons to tell people how much their blogs suck. Isn’t inboundreasons your inbound marketing blog sucks marketing fun?

So before we start, there’s a couple things you should know. Blogging is awesome. You should be blogging. If you’re not blogging, you can write a blog about how you read this blog and decided to start blogging a blog. Your blog is your greatest marketing asset. If done correctly, it showcases you on the internet and within your industry as basically someone that really knows their sh…stuff. You want to educate your readers and by doing that, your blog will increase traffic to your site. So educating + increased traffic = more leads for you. Have I convinced you yet?

Whether you’re a blogging veteran or you’re just starting out, here are the top 10 reasons your blog might suck:

  1. You can’t spell.

    Ok I know this is obvious, but you can’t have grammar mistakes on your blog. You just can’t. You want to be an industry leader, so know the difference between than and then and your and you’re. Have multiple people proofread your blog before it is published.

  2. Your blog makes no sense.

    You want your blog to be focused around one topic. You don’t want to confuse your readers with multiple topics in one blog. Have a point in mind that you want to achieve when writing your blog. Creating an outline before you start writing can also help you stay focused.

  3. Your title sucks.

    If you don’t have a good title, it really doesn’t matter if your spell everything correctly or focus on one topic, because no one will read your blog to begin with. Make it a title that the reader would have to be crazy not to click on. Most of all, make sure it’s a title that is relevant to what your buyer persona wants to read.

  4. You have no internal links.

    LyntonWeb has been cool enough to have our blogs published on Social Media Today or HubSpot, and could you imagine what would happen if we didn’t have any internal links back to our site? That would suck. Really suck. We would have missed a lot of traffic that could have gone back to our site, if we didn’t add any internal links or relevant blog posts.

  5. You have too many external links.

    On the flip side of #4, if you have too many links to external sites, or external links to sites that aren’t credible (and are kind of creepy), then you’re defeating the purpose of writing a blog that will bring traffic to your site.

  6. You tried to write a novel.

    A good rule of thumb is to keep your blog around 600 words. It doesn’t have to be exact, some blogs given the topic might be a little shorter or longer.

  7. Your blog is ugly.

    There is bad formatting, no bullet points, and your blog is broken up into 500 paragraphs, or it’s all crammed into one. So keep your paragraphs clear, use headers, and use bullet points to make your points clear if you need to.

  8. Your blog has no image.

    It’s simple. Post an image that is relevant to your blog. The more creative, the better. The image I used for my blog on The Top 10 Reasons Your Landing Pages Suck was a big hit. Also make sure your image has alt text related to one of your keywords and it is credited to its original source.

  9. There is no CTA.

    If your reader enjoyed the blog, then chances are they will want to continue reading other stuff from you or your company. So if you didn’t give them a call-to-action with a next step, then you failed. Not at life, just at blogging. But its okay, you can learn from your mistakes.

  10. You didn’t give social media sharing icons.

    This is the last step because you're giving your reader yet another chance to share with the world just how much they loved the blog. It’s easy, quick, and since after reading this blog your next blog will not suck, why wouldn’t they want to share it?

So take my advice, blog consistently (at least 2 times per week), and your blog won’t suck. You're welcome. So now I have to ask, is there any reason you think this blog sucks?

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By: Lynton

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