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Website Design

[Case Study] Improving User Experience with a HubSpot Website Redesign

Sales were steady, and the company was growing, but something was still lacking for Data Masons Software – a website that served up a phenomenal user experience (UX). With the help of HubSpot and LyntonWeb, Data Masons dove into a complete website overhaul to give their online audience exactly that.

What Was Going Right

Since 1996, Data Masons has been providing Electronic Data Interchange solutions to help organizations electronically share data with their partners. With nearly 100 employees and a steady stream of website traffic, Data Masons was continuing to experience sales and growth. So why would a website redesign even be considered?

Because the existing site could use help, lots of help, according to Heather Robinson, the company’s first-ever marketing director. When Robinson was hired in mid-2015, one of her primary goals was to improve the company’s outdated website.

What Could Use Improvement

An outdated website isn’t beneficial for any company, but it can be particularly detrimental for a company known for providing advanced technological solutions. In addition to being outmoded, the existing site had other issues that needed attention. These included:

  • Layout and Style: A complicated homepage made it difficult for visitors to even know what to do or where to go next.
  • Navigation: Even if visitors did have an idea of where they wanted to go, it wasn’t always obvious or easy for them to get there.
  • Control: Data Masons’ site was controlled by an outside party, which meant Data Masons had to pay and wait for even the slightest website edits or changes.  
  • Performance: Other than data provided by Google Analytics, Data Masons team members had no access to metrics that showcased how well, or poorly, the site was performing.
  • Lack of Engagement: Although traffic to the site was steady, visitor engagement with the site was pretty much nonexistent. The user experience on the existing site was static, lacking opportunities for interaction or personalization.

Solution in a Nutshell

Instead of keeping a narrow focus on each issue and tackling them one by one, the redesign strategy implemented by Robinson and LyntonWeb involved going straight for growth driven design (GDD). GDD could solve them all in one fell swoop. GDD allows a website to evolve as the company evolves, with consistent updates and steady changes that can be tracked, improved and ultimately result in ongoing improvements and growth.

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With proper attention paid to GDD, the website doesn’t have a chance to become stale, static or outdated. And Robinson partnered with LyntonWeb to ensure that proper attention would be paid.

In fact, one of the reasons she chose to work the certified HubSpot consultant was LyntonWeb’s ability to handle the website – and more. She also knew from past experience that LyntonWeb paid big attention to all companies, regardless of their size, meaning Robinson’s marketing team of two would be in very good hands. For more details on the success of Data Masons’ website redesign and improvement of the user experience, check out the full case study.
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