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Website Design

The Top 10 Reasons Your Homepage Sucks

You may remember a few blogs I wrote about how much your landing page sucks and how much your blog sucks. Well… I’m back! I've recruited a few friends at the LyntonWeb corral and asked them their biggest homepage pet peeves. So this time I’m going to tell you how much your homepage sucks. Because frankly, if your homepage sucks, it’s pretty tough to win after that. It’s the first page your visitors will see, and it should clearly answer the questions of who you are, what you do, and how to contact you in seconds or less. So, here are the top 10 reasons your homepage sucks:

  1. Your homepage doesn't clearly say what your company does.

    A visitor should know within 10 seconds exactly what your company does when looking at your homepage. Especially if your product or service is a bit more complicated, you should clearly explain what you do on their homepage and not require someone to go to an About page.
  2. It's too hard to find contact info or social links. 

    Because why would you want your customers to contact you about your service or product? Why would you want to make money? Get outta here.

  3. Your homepage automatically plays (crappy) music.

    Because there’s nothing like having a productive work day, getting a good Pandora station going, then getting scared half to death because the website you’re looking at decided to play “We are the champions” at an disturbingly loud level. Or when you send a client an article and a Cialis commercial fills up their screen. Awesome.

  4. Your homepage forces visitors to enter their email address.

    Nothing will make someone leave your homepage faster then automatically telling them they have no choice but to enter their email address if they want to look at your homepage or read your content.

    forced newsletter sign up
  1. Your homepage has ambiguous navigation items or navigation that doesn't make sense.

    If you don't tell your visitors how to clearly get around your site, they are likely to get frustrated and leave. I'm all about having a slick navigation, but I don't even know where to look here or what to do.

    ambiguous navigation

  1. You can't search on your homepage.

    Especially when you have no navigation, or navigation that doesn’t make any sense, not even having a place to search your site is just the icing on the cake.

  1. Can’t view homepage on smartphone.

    Only 25 percent of your visitors are viewing from their smart phone, and that number is only growing. No biggie. 
  1. Your homepage has pop-ups.

    Come on Farmers. This popped up as soon as we went to your website. How can we comment on our site experience, when this pop up won't even let us look at anything?

    annoying pop ups


  1. Your homepage has one of those creepy video people.

    I remember seeing one of these at the airport after we left the Inbound Conference and were headed back to Texas. It was creepy then, and it’s even creepier in the corner of your homepage. What about sending a personal thank you email to make someone's visit a bit more personal? I know, we're crazy.

  1. Your homepage has no CTAs.

    Make sure you are providing next action steps for your homepage visitors. Give CTAs where they can "read more," "learn more," or "download" something valuable. If not, you're just wasting opportunities to turn visitors into leads.

If your homepage has one or all of these top 10 things, have no fear. Whether you're planning a 2014 website redesign, or just looking for some new inbound website design tips, we are here to help your homepage... not suck. What are your biggest homepage pet peeves? Let us know and leave a comment!

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